Client Response Gallery

The shots taken in your photo session are shown below. Please make your selections within two days of your images being available, otherwise I get a back log of editing to complete and your photos will be delayed as I complete other sessions.

The gallery allows you to make image selections, and optionally leave feedback via the response options (pencil icon on each thumbnail). For instance you might want a particular image in black and white instead of colour.

The toolbar is affixed to the top right of the page. You may refine selections using these icons and submit selections using the form at the bottom of the page.

The form will send me an email with your selections, I will then enhance each image individually, processing each image for colour balance, spot removal, skin smoothing etc. I will then notify you when your images are ready.

There are star ratings for each image which you can mark, it's optional but quite useful for me.

The Premium and Gold packages include your images printed on high quality 6"x9" luster paper. These printed photos are supplied without the Monika Baster Photography copyright Logo.

If you would like images in addition to your package allowance please contact me for prices. I can have images printed for you onto various media, such as luster paper, canvas, acrylic sheet, aluminium sheet, professional photo books and more. Send me an email stating your interest or go to services to see more.


Unselected image.
Selected image; tick images you'd like to select.
Leave Feedback on an image.

Displays all images in the gallery, selected and unselected.
Refine selects; dims unselected images.
Refine selects; hides unselected images.
Jump page to the mail form; submit the form to send your selects to the photographer.