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Welcome to the world beautiful baby Alex! Alex came for session with his big brother , I also photographed Ethan when he was newborn 😉 I love when my clients coming back for session with new baby! I think Alex is very photogenic, and I love the brown colours! xx           []



Welcome to my studio ! It took me a while to find something suitable, but after long search I found this place and it’s perfect- I love it!! I’m situated in quiet location out of town as parking and ground floor was a priority for me. I have everything you need for your baby here []



I had a pleasure to photograph Jensen since he was newborn. He was always such a sweet boy and so good at each session. He is 1 already! Very handsome little boy xx                                        



Eva was 6 months old at the session and she was great and very cute little model. Can’t wait to photograph her when she turns one 😉 Please contact me for details if you want to book a session for your baby. x                         []



Welcome to the world Lottie! Lottie came for session with mummy, daddy and big brother too;) I also photographed Charlie when he was newborn- it was lovely to see how much he has grown;) Lottie was just gorgeous to photograph and Charlie was great to sit near basket and kiss his little sister xx   []

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